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5 Reasons Why People Need Steel Carports

When people think of parking their cars at home, they generally think of garages or driveways - the carport is often overlooked. While a carport doesn’t provide all the same advantages of a garage, it has a pretty good list of benefits, some of which are unique - and they definitely deserve consideration as a way to protect your car while it’s parked.

  • Water Always Wins
    If you leave your car parked outside with no protection, it will be pounded by rain and snow on a fairly regular basis. The water will find a way into every crack and crevice and start to do its work on your vehicle—rust, mold and mildew. A steel carport will keep most of that water off your vehicle and keep it safe.
  • More than Water Falls from the Sky
    Do you ever hear those commercials for car dealers selling cars at a reduced price due to hail damage? Well, hail doesn’t only fall on car dealerships, and if your car is out the elements, you may eventually find those telltale pock marks on it that mean it’s been in a hail storm. If you park close to a tree, you can also face the possibility of falling branches or sticks causing damage. Wherever you park, your vehicle might be hit by blowing debris on a windy day. Steel carports can prevent or at least reduce the likelihood of all of these types of damage.
  • Sunlight is Not Your Vehicle’s Friend, Either
    Direct sunlight can oxidize paint over time, giving your vehicle a dull luster. A steel carport can filter out some of the sun’s more harmful rays and reduce their effect on your vehicle.
  • Garages are Expensive
    A garage may seem like the ultimate solution to parking issues, but they are not cheap to build from scratch. A steel carport can often be constructed much more affordably , sometimes for as little as one tenth the cost of a garage.
  • Steel Carports Do Not Have Other “Garage Issues”
    Many people have garages but never use them to park their vehicles because they end up filled with clutter. A steel carport doesn’t really attract clutter in the same way, perhaps because they don’t have doors to hide the clutter behind. Speaking of doors, garage doors can get stuck or frozen shut—something that won’t happen with a steel carport.