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Benefits of Buying an Carport for your RV

The longer a vehicle sits out in the elements, the sooner it begins to deteriorate. When you have a vehicle that is parked for long periods of time, like an RV, the deterioration can be even worse. An RV Carport can help to keep the rain and snow off a vehicle and help to keep it in good condition for a longer period of time when using a full garage isn’t an option.

RV Carport Construction

Many RV carports are constructed with a high grade steel tube frame, which is then covered with a waterproof fabric. Polyurethane is a popular fabric choice and it is often made more effective by being treated with UV protection, fade blockers and anti-fungal agents. The doors of carports for RVs will have some method of being secured, such as a zipper, Velcro, or latches.

RV garage

RV Garage

Boat garage


Boat Garage

Benefits of RV Carports

The major enemy of any parked vehicle is water, either in the form of rain or snow. An RV carport provides a roof and walls around an RV or other vehicle, keeping the rain and snow from hitting it directly, thereby preventing the insidious rust damage and mold that will appear in time. The carport will also protect the vehicle from more serious assaults from the sky, namely hail, which can dent metal and break windshields. Sunlight can be damaging to the appearance of vehicles, so a carport with UV protection can help to prevent fading. A carport also provides some protection from the cold, particularly the cold wind, so your vehicle will be more likely to start in cold weather.

Other Options for Parking RVs

The size of RVs makes parking options for them kind of scarce, which is why the RV carport is such a logical choice. Most garages, excluding full industrial garages, are too small. Barns or pole barns are an option, but they are not optimally configured for parking a large vehicle. Parking an RV outside is often the easiest option, but that leaves it completely exposed to the aforementioned elements. With all of these things considered, RV carports are often the best option for parking larger vehicles in a protected way.

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