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Consider Event Tents When Planning Outdoor Gatherings


When it comes to bringing family and friends together for an outdoor activity, weather remains a huge element in the event’s success. All the planning in the world will not deter an afternoon rain shower or provide shade from the sun. That’s when it becomes necessary to consider purchasing one or more event tents. But with so many variations in sizes, materials and quality - how do you know what type of tent is right for you?

At Canopy Mart we have a large variety of canopy and tarp products and accessories that are available online and will arrive at your home or business with the click of a button. But we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their decision, especially when considering a buying one or multiple event tents. Some of the most common questions we receive concentrate on what styles and sizes are available.

Determine Your Space Requirements

So before you begin the search, it is best to know just how much space will need to be covered. Survey the space to see if there are any obstructions or restrictions when it comes to setting up a large tent, as well as determine whether you will need to set up any furniture such as tables, chairs or have enough space to set up a buffet table. If so, determine a configuration that will best suit the event and take measurements. Once the size is figured out, it is time to determine the cover material. No matter the style, we recommend you invest in a heavy-duty canopy that is UV and water resistant, as well as fire retardant.

Tent Options

If you're looking for a shelter that you can use for outdoor parties, conferences, or sales at outdoor venues, large commercial event tents offer the space you need. There are three basic types, which include frame tents, pole tents and tension tents. Tension tents are the same as standard pole tents but they utilize the center and perimeter poles for support as well as tension from tie-downs to stabilize the canopies. For smaller gatherings, Canopy Mart also has a large selection of instant and pop-up, which are the least expensive of all our commercial party tents.

When you spend thousands of dollars on a large commercial canopy tent, you want it to last — and so do we. Not only do we offer a five-year warranty on our products, all of our canopies consist of heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing and covered with a high-grade polymer, making them durable from top to bottom.