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Gazebo Canopies: Versatile, Stylish and Fun

The popularity of gazebo canopies is growing, and every season brings creative new uses for these colorful and versatile shelters. They are lightweight and easy care, and many models don't require tools to assemble. They protect us from pests, provide us shade in the sun, and if it rains, they give us a place to keep dry. Canopy Mart has a solution for your outdoor events. Whether you need a canopy for outdoor sales, sporting events, parties, weddings, picnics or for a place to just relax in the shade, we have a model to please.


Portable gazebo canopies come in various sizes, and they are sturdy enough to leave up, weather permitting. The new designs allow for installation on most any surface, and the fabrics are weather tough and fade resistant. Non-corrosive metal components provide long life and value. Snap and click connectors make for easy construction. Colors and styles are attractive, and there is a gazebo canopy to please every taste and event. At Canopy Mart we offer a wide variety of sizes, fabrics, styles and colors.


Today's new gazebo canopies are exciting. They are so easy to use, you can take them with you to the beach instead of the old beach umbrella, or almost any outdoor family excursion. The old days of fighting off pests at the family picnic are gone. The models with screened sides have zippers to offer protection and comfort from annoying pests. Canopy Mart has several screened models to choose from, and they come with easy tie-back sides for when the bugs aren't biting.

Hard Roofing

Models with hard roofing are available that take two people only a couple hours to build. The hard roof models provide insulation and noise reduction. Different roof styles and panels are available in polycarbonate, aluminum or aluminum composites. Most models come with architectural grade aluminum frames. The rigid roof models are a bit heavier too, and can weather harsher conditions than the lightweight fabric roofed models. Warranties vary with the model, but your choices at Canopy Mart all come with at least a one-year guarantee.

Gazebo canopies are long lasting and durable – and they are also a lot of fun, stylish and versatile.