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How Do You Fold a Pop-up Tent?

When you and your friends or family members are ready to explore the great outdoors, pop-up tents are ideal choices for a variety of reasons. These tents are user-friendly and can actually be installed by just one person. They are also convenient to carry on the road because they are extremely light, unlike heavier canvas tents. These tents, available through Canopy Mart, may seem easy enough to put up, but folding a pop-up tent in order to pack it away can be a little more challenging. A few steps can make the process of folding a pop-up tent simple.

Step 1

First, your pop-up tent should currently be anchored in the ground using tent pegs. Remove these pegs from the ground; the extra tent peg included in the tent package can be used to complete this step. Then, remove any retaining straps, awning or rain fly that you used on your pop-up tent.

Step 2

Move your pop-up tent to an open space if it is currently in a confined area. Then, open the door of the tent, and invert your tent. Shake out debris or dirt before you fold the tent, and dry off any surfaces of the tent that are moist. Finally, leave the door open. Note that although you can handle the tent on your own, the process is easier if another person is able to help you—particularly if you have a larger tent.

Step 3

Look for the two or three metal hoops that are sewn into the fabric of your tent. Take hold of either side of the particular hoop that forms your tent floor’s perimeter, and fold it in an upward direction toward the hoop that is shaped like a horseshoe and that holds your tent’s roof in place. This process can be likened to bending a taco made out of fabric.

After your hoops have been folded and their opposite sides are touching, slide one of the sides beneath the other side so that all of the hoops are collapsed down on one another. Your tent should look flat now. At last, slide your tent’s retaining strap around the tent to keep it from redeploying, and place it in the storage bag. The experts at Canopy Mart can further guide you through the process of folding a pop-up tent so that you will be more than prepared for your next outdoor adventure.