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How to Set Up Your Canopy Tent

How to Set Up Your Canopy Tent

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Set-up Your Canopy Tent

The uses for canopy tents are many, and can include camping trips, beach trips, picnics, wedding ceremonies, craft show displays, or vending. Canopy tents come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, designs, and colors. This makes them ideal for just about any outdoor event or social function. They provide shelter from heat, rain, cold, bugs, and other unwelcome outdoor elements. However you plan to use your canopy tent, you'll likely find the process of setting it up to be quick and simplistic.

Preparing the Canopy

Other than at least one person's assistance and small round weights or stakes to hold the tent in place, pitching a canopy tent requires no special tools. First, take the tent and its roof from the case and place the canopy on its legs, setting the roof to the side until you've pulled each leg apart. Separating the legs is easier with the help of another person, as you can pull one leg while they pull the opposite. When you're finished, there should be a distance of at least a foot between each leg.

Fastening the Roof & Legs

Next, place the roof on top of the canopy's frame and fasten it securely with either Velcro or bungee balls. Afterward, you can pull the legs farther out. It's important to note that the roof should be removed before the tent is taken down, otherwise it may rip. From under the canopy, push the center of the frame upwards to raise it. At the top of each of the canopy's legs, there should be brackets with one fitting. To prevent folding, the brackets on each leg need to be pushed upwards until a metal ball locks the legs into place.

Adjusting & Securing the Tent

Four to five holes should be present on each of the tent's legs. Inside the canopy's legs are metal balls attached to springs. By pushing up on the legs, you can lock the metal balls into one of the four to five holes. Instead of metal balls, some canopy tents come with clips that are placed into the holes to adjust the height. To secure the tent, rope should be attached to each leg and their respective stakes. Weights, on the other hand, can easily be placed on the bottom of each leg.

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