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Play Tents for Kids are Nearly Perfect Toys

Do you remember having a fort as a kid? Maybe it was a tree house, a cardboard box in the garage, or a blanket draped over a couple of chairs, but the important thing is it was your place. Maybe there were rules, like “no girls allowed, no boys allowed” or the ever-popular “no grown-ups allowed.” Every child needs a place like that, and play tents for kids are a great way to provide it.

Types of Play Tents

Play tents come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can look like castles, gazebos, caterpillars, ladybugs and yes, tents. They range in size from about 10 square feet to over 30 square feet. They also come in a great range of playful colors as well. There are traditional tents that have stakes and poles that need to be staked into soft ground, and there are the springy pop-up tents that hold their shape without ropes and stakes, so that they can be used virtually anywhere.

Uses for Play Tents

To a child, a play tent can be almost anything. It can be a castle, a fortress, a cave, or even a spaceship. The tent can provide a nice little spot to play outside, too, relatively protected from the sun, rain and insects. It can be a place to put toys, a place to rest, or even a place to do a mini backyard camping trip. Tents are also wonderful for hide and seek, especially if you have a few of them scattered around a large area. A few of them clustered together more tightly can be a pretend ship or building. The only limits on the uses of play tents for kids are your imagination and the imagination of your children.

Advantages of Play Tents

Play tents are sturdy, but yet lightweight and safe, making them an ideal place for kids to play. When not in use, they can be folded up into a very small size and stored. As play spaces go, they are fairly inexpensive, and they are easy to set up—compare the time it takes to put a tent up with the time it takes to build a tree house. All in all, play tents are nearly a perfect toy for kids.