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RV Carports – Keeping Your RV Safe

RV Carports are not a common concern for many, but they are important when it comes to protecting your RV from the sun, rain, and snow. While keeping your RV safe is the highest priority, you do not want an eyesore in the middle of your yard. Looking through the multiple options for carports and deciding on one can seem like a daunting task that can take hours to do. At Canopy Mart, we help with the process by listing canopy sizes, photos, and the option to compare their products to ensure you are buying the right carport for your needs.

Available Carports

At Canopy Mart we have many available options for RV Carports, but the two most popular options are Valance Canopies and the Steel Carport. Steel carports have many advantages including:

  • Durability – the metal creates a stronger structure that will last over time
  • Ease of assembly – most carports can be assembled at home
  • Versatility – there are many different options for steel carports
  • Affordability – most metal carports are less expensive that wooden options

Valance canopies have their own advantages:

  • Affordability – valance canopies are often cheaper than their metal counterparts
  • Speedy Instillation
  • Can be used for parties, holding multiple cars, storing lawn equipment, and much more
  • Portability – can be easy reassembled if there is a desire to move the canopy.

We make the process of deciding easier by offering samples of various canopy top covers for you to compare and contrast.


Besides the multiple advantages listed above, these carports have many other advantages. Buying your own carport will save you money in the long run, instead of paying a monthly fee to rent a spot to store your RV. Recreational vehicle carports also help to protect and preserve your expensive RV by keeping it under cover during rain and snow storms, and also out of damaging sunlight.


Installation of RV carports is often done by the buyer themselves. While it may seem like a difficult task there are many DIY videos and articles online. The installation typically requires between two and four people depending on the size and material of the carport.