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What are Some Tips for Cleaning Tents When Camping Outdoors?

If you are an avid camper, your tent is bound to get dirty. You may be persuaded to simply hose down the entire tent to get rid of the dirt and grime that has accumulated over time, but taking a slower, more careful approach is wise if you want your tent to last longer. A few tips from Canopy Mart, a leading provider of tents and other outdoor products, can help you to effectively clean your tent when camping outdoors.

Step 1

First, you will need to collect the appropriate supplies. Some manufacturers do make special sprays for cleaning tents, which are specifically designed for tough stains. However, just a few basic items are necessary if you’re simply trying to remove caked-on plant matter or mud. These supplies include a small brush or broom, mild soap that does not contain strong detergents, a hose, a sponge and a bucket. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as bleach on your tent unless you have mold on the tent In addition, do not use a pressure washer, as the pressure will be too great for your tent seams.

Step 2

Focus on cleaning one area of your tent at a time, beginning near the flap. Use a brush or broom to remove clumps of dirt or dust, and then use your sponge and mild soap to spot-treat the tent. Finally, use your hose to wash off the outside area of your tent. Be sure to wash off all soap applied to tent. Otherwise, your tent will feature an unpleasant, grimy film.

Step 3

After washing your tent, you will need to allow everything to dry thoroughly. The tent flaps could be left fully open to expedite the drying process, although it may be wise to keep the flaps partially closed so that leaves and dust don’t easily blow into the tent. You can put your tent in a shady area to dry, checking it every six hours to 12 hours. You can expect your tent to be totally dry in about three days. Avoid packing your tent up until it is completely dry so that you don’t end up a tent that smells bad or grows mold. Canopy Mart can help you to select the right tent for your needs and show you how to maintain it year after year so that it remains in optimum shape.