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What is a Portable Car Garage?

A portable car garage offers a contemporary, quick and easy way to store large belongings without the price and bulk of a permanent structure. Portable garages are commonly a rectangle or round covered structure made from a strong frame and durable cover. They are made to keep vehicles, farm or yard equipment, or other belongings.


These car garages are:

  • Portable
  • A Sensible investment
  • Strong and stable


The most notable advantage of a portable car garage is just that it is portable. They are easy to install and take down. Some models can take less than thirty minutes to set up, and are nearly as strong as or stronger than a building. Most come with parts to ensure secure stability to the ground, including anchors, foot plates, and/or stabilizing blocks.

Reasonable Prices

These structures are very cost efficient. A portable car garage offers the ability to cover important belongings and safeguard them from harsh weather conditions at substantially lower prices than a permanent structure. Additionally, if ordered in bulk online, many companies offer a discount and/or free shipping.


When looking for a resilient and lasting car garage, it is important to consider the materials being used. For instance, a steel frame can hold more weight from snow, sleet and rain. Awnings made with weather, rust, and corrosion resistant material is another advantage. Ultraviolet light, color fading and mold resistant features are supplementary additions to be aware of, and, for additional cost, can prove to be worth it in the long run.

Additional Uses

Besides storing vehicles, portable car garages have begun to be used for additional purposes. For instance, some designs are large enough to store boats during the off season, helping one to avoid paying costly marina slip fees.

Furthermore, some farmers have begun to use the ports as different storehouses on their land. They can be used for storage of farm equipment, or to keep firewood, hay, feed, or animals dry. On construction sites, workers have used the port for a “break room,” and/or to keep their tools, supplies, and work area safe and dry. For recreational use, ports can be used for camping or outdoor activities.