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What to Look for when Shopping for Family Camping Tents

There is no question that taking your family camping can be a fun event. However, since you will be sleeping outside, you will need to purchase quality family camping tents from Canopy Mart to ensure your experience is positive. When you know what to look for, you will be able to easily select the best tent from our selection. Some features to consider are highlighted here.


The first thing you should consider when purchasing family camping tents is the amount of space that it has. Consider how many people will be going camping with you, as well as their size. Also, will you be storing your camping gear in the tent? Keep in mind, we typically label our family camping tents as two-, three- or five-person tents; however, this may not be adequate for the total number of people you are taking on your trip.

Camping tent for family 12'x18'

The Tents Weather Compatibility

You should also consider the type of weather you will experience when camping. We offer tents for summer weather only, or tents that will work with all seasons of the year. It is a good idea to select your family camping tents by planning for the worst conditions. This will ensure that you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

The Price Tag

While you can find a number of low cost tents on the Canopy Mart website, the fact is that the more money you are willing to spend, the more comfortable you will be while camping. If you camp often, you want to be sure to purchase durable family camping tents, which may cost a bit more than the traditional or other tents.

Resistance to Water

Another important feature that you need to consider is how well the tent you are considering purchasing will be able to handle moisture. Even if there is no rain predicted during your camping trip, it can be extremely unpleasant if you do experience moisture and the tent does not protect you from it. Be sure that you read the descriptions we have posted for each of the tents we offer to ensure that you are purchasing one that offers superior moisture protection. This will ensure you are kept comfortable and dry during your trip.

When you take the time to choose the right family camping tent for your needs, you will have a positive experience. We offer a huge selection, so it should not be difficult to find the right tent from our inventory. Don't settle for a sub-par tent when you can purchase our high-quality and durable tents from our easy-to-use website.