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Large Gatherings Require Large Tents

Don’t take chance with the weather when planning an outdoor event. If you're looking for a shelter that you can use various gatherings or sales conferences, a large commercial tent is probably your best choice.

Once you have considered the overall size you need, it is recommended that you purchase one that includes heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing and is covered with a high-grade polymer to make it both UV resistant and 100 percent waterproof.

Types of Large Tents

There are three basic types, which include pole tents, frame tents and tension tents, which are just like traditional pole tents yet use the perimeter and center poles for support and rely on tension from tie-downs to keep the canopies in place.

The size of the tent matters when it comes to our customer’s overall needs and that is why our company provides an array of commercial duty canopy tents that range all the way from 10’ by 10’ large tents to 100’ by 310’ premier party tents – all of which are durable, guaranteed to last, and made with the highest-quality materials and the different styles provide a great mix function.

However, before making a final decision, it is best to know just how much space will need to be covered and determine whether you will need to set up any furniture inside. If so, determine a configuration that will best suit the event and take measurements to help narrow the search.

Variety of Shapes and Styles

With a variety of accessories and styles available, customers can choose an average commercial duty outdoor canopy to stay shielded from the elements, or one with a single span canopy that offers complete coverage. Luxury party tents come in different sizes, shapes, colors, textures and if what is available doesn’t suit your needs, we can customize any order.

The goal behind purchasing a large tent is to provide shelter from unpredictable outdoor conditions such as rain and high winds. Therefore when the event is over, our large tents are incredibly useful in providing coverage for vehicles, garden plots or the can be used for additional storage.

And as an added note, at Canopy Mart we offer product quality discounts for buying in volume and provide free shipping on most of our commercial tents.