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Shade Canopies Tame the Outdoors

Most people have come to realize in this day and age that the excessive sun exposure is not their friend. Lengthy exposure to ultra-violet rays can cause a variety of problems, from eye damage to skin cancer, and limiting the time-frame in which your skin is unprotected is usually a good idea. Unfortunately, nature has a habit of not putting the shady spots exactly where we want to be. With a shade canopy, however, we can once again adjust nature to our wishes by putting the shade right where we want it to be.

Shade Canopy Construction

A shade canopy is basically a tent with no walls. Unlike a normal canopy tent, the material used to make a shade canopy is often not waterproof, so it will provide shade, but not much rain protection. They are usually constructed with a steel frame and a breathable mesh fabric with UV protection that provides up to 73 percent shade. They can range in size from 100 square feet all the way up 1,200 square feet or more.

Industrial Uses for Shade Canopies

A large shade canopy can be a tremendous value to an outdoor business or a business that hosts an outdoor event. Whenever you need to have people working or gathering outside for a long period of time, you have to make an effort to protect them from the sun. One of the large 30’ by 40’ tents could fit picnic tables, flea market merchandise, or a lot of storage. A smaller shade canopy can be used for outdoor information booths, vendor stands, or as a cooling station at a fair, zoo or amusement park.

Private Uses for Shade Canopies

A shade canopy is absolutely perfect for someone who has a large backyard, but not enough trees. A shade canopy makes a great place to set up a picnic table or some lawn furniture to allow family and friends to just kick back in the shade and enjoy a nice day. They are a nice addition to any outdoor party, providing a comfortable place for guests to sit while they're eating, talking, or just taking a break from the party. Shade canopies are usually cheaper than a patio cover or awning and they can be much larger too, so they provide a bit more versatility.