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What to Look for in Large Tents for Your Whole Brood

Camping is one of the most engaging and wholesome ways you can spend time with your family, but when you have a super large brood, you need large tents to house everyone (and their belongings) without making everyone feel like sardines in a can. Here are some things to look for when it comes to outdoor shelter for your big family.

Canopy for Changing

You don't want muddy shoes and soggy clothing inside the tent, so choose larger structures that feature an outside covered canopy for quick changes. Family members can leave their mucky items outside the inner structure, which helps keep everything clean and organized. A canopy also provides extra space outside the main living area for storing bags, camping supplies, and other items that would otherwise hog up room. Choose a tent that has canopies on either end of the structure so one side can be used for storing items and one side can be used for removing dirty clothing.

Room Dividers

Want to keep the adults separate from the kiddos or you have boys and girls and want to offer privacy? Room dividers are key to choosing large tents to help resolve this dilemma. At Canopy Mart, we have the room dividers, excess canopies, and other tools you need to help make your living quarters as comfortable as possible so everyone can have a great camping experience. Simply let us know what you are looking for, and we can find the right camping housing tools to help make your whole family happy campers.

Pop-out Extensions

Perhaps the most ideal way to make your camping experience more fun for everyone is to seek large tents that have pop-out extensions. These are smaller rooms that extend out to the side of the main structure to create more space for supplies, clothing, or to even use as sleeping quarters for younger kids. Look for models that feature 2 or more pop-out rooms, and make sure you check with one of our associates at Canopy Mart so you don't have any confusion when setting a complex tent up at your future campsite.