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Provide a Reliable Outdoor Canopy for Your Next Event

Unpredictable weather, crowd navigation, and venue regulations are all reasons to own an outdoor canopy.

Provide a Reliable Outdoor Canopy for Your Next Event


First, outdoor canopies from Canopy Mart are versatile and customizable for each season. During the summer and spring months, canopy tents come with full UV protection. Additionally, summer events occur on some of the warmest days of the year, so supplying a heat resistant tent would help accommodate venue visitors.


An outdoor canopy can also be utilized in the winter or fall by including side panels to create an enclosed canopy. At Canopy Mart, we offer warranties on both the frame and top cover for damages caused by erosion, so using a tent on rainy or cold days does not need to be a concern.

Additionally, canopy tents can serve as a directional pathway to help curate the event to optimize a visitor’s experience. Just like in a museum, there are ways of constructing a venue to provide a narrative, which is likely to encourage visitors to stay longer or enhance the experience.

Capacity and Strength

Finally, venues may have certain regulations such as maximum capacity limits according to local fire departments. To help ensure the safety of guests frequenting outdoor events, it is crucial to maximizing occupancy by purchasing a tent that can safely accommodate people. At Canopy Mart, we value our consumers and provide galvanized steel frame supported by sturdy legs, which is fashioned from quality materials. These products can be easily reinforced through seat belt webbing and adds strength to the structure.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Outdoor canopies can be easily assembled and taken down. Additionally, it is capable of handling many set ups and break downs, so one tent can be used at multiple locations.

The outdoor canopy tops can fold away in a small storage bag, which makes it convenient to transport. If temporary storage is required, a canopy can be set up without concern over permanent damages to the ground.

The tents are reliable through hazardous weather conditions. Additionally, each item is constructed from high-quality materials and it can match the décor the event at hand. These tents are water resistant, durable and flame resistant.