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Provide a Reliable Outdoor Canopy for Your Next Event Unpredictable weather, crowd navigation, and venue regulations are all reasons to own an outdoor canopy.

Protect that New Ride with a Carport Canopy So you just bought a new car, and you want to keep it in great condition for years to come. The best way to do this is keep it covered. You don’t have to invest in a garage addition to your home or place a car cover over your new ride. You can invest in an easily-installed carport canopy instead. Here are many benefits you can enjoy from this addition to your property.

What to Look for in Large Tents for Your Whole Brood Camping is one of the most engaging and wholesome ways you can spend time with your family, but when you have a super large brood, you need large tents to house everyone (and their belongings) without making everyone feel like sardines in a can. Here are some things to look for when it comes to outdoor shelter for your big family.

Outdoor Patio Covers for a Better Outdoor Experience At Canopy Mart, we understand the true value of protecting your patios and outdoor areas. An outdoor patio cover is ideal to enhance your outdoor experience since it provides numerous benefits all-year-round. Fortunately, finding, buying, and having your cover installed can be an easy experience when you know what you want.

RV Carports – Keeping Your RV Safe RV Carports are not a common concern for many, but they are important when it comes to protecting your RV from the sun, rain, and snow. While keeping your RV safe is the highest priority, you do not want an eyesore in the middle of your yard.

Canopy Mart: Portable Carports Make Life Easier

The Versatility and Portability

  • You can bring your portable carport anywhere. Just because you are in the middle of a camping trip doesn’t mean your precious RV should be without proper shelter, does it?
  • Our portable carport can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Canopy Mart: The Advantages of Using Our Party Tents

Shade & Protection

  • Our party tents offer a source of shade from the sun during outdoor summer events.
  • a rainy day, the guests can relax under our party tents.
  • Our party tents also protect your patio furniture from the weather elements

What is a Portable Car Garage? A portable car garage offers a contemporary, quick and easy way to store large belongings without the price and bulk of a permanent structure. Portable garages are commonly a rectangle or round covered structure made from a strong frame and durable cover. They are made to keep vehicles, farm or yard equipment, or other belongings.

Choosing the Right 2 Person Backpacking Tent Tents have come a long way since the old days of heavy canvas and wood poles. Today's tents are light-weight, and the tents fold down to slip in your backpack leaving plenty of room for precious cargo. At Canopy Mart we suggest learning about the different fabrics and styles available, and how they hold up to climate and terrain before purchasing your tent. There are some important points to consider before purchasing your 2 person backpacking tent.

Gazebo Canopies: Versatile, Stylish and Fun  The popularity of gazebo canopies is growing, and every season brings creative new uses for these colorful and versatile shelters. They are lightweight and easy care, and many models don't require tools to assemble. They protect us from pests, provide us shade in the sun, and if it rains

Shade Canopies Provide Excellent Shelter from the Sun  If you’ve ever been to an outside event on a hot, summer day, you understand that shade is a sought-after necessity. Having a place to escape the sun is extremely important to avoid sunburn and also to take the opportunity to cool down. Shade canopies provide this relief when you need it.

Using a Quality Portable Garage Canopy to Keep Your Items Protected  If you are looking to keep your car protected from the harsh outside weather but don’t have a traditional garage to put your vehicle in, a portable garage canopy may be the perfect solution to your problem.

Consider Event Tents When Planning Outdoor Gatherings  When it comes to bringing family and friends together for an outdoor activity, weather remains a huge element in the event’s success. All the planning in the world will not deter an afternoon rain shower or provide shade from the sun.

Large Gatherings Require Large Tents  Don’t take chance with the weather when planning an outdoor event. If you're looking for a shelter that you can use various gatherings or sales conferences, a large commercial tent is probably your best choice.

What are Some Tips for Cleaning Tents When Camping Outdoors?  If you are an avid camper, your tent is bound to get dirty. You may be persuaded to simply hose down the entire tent to get rid of the dirt and grime that has accumulated over time, but taking a slower, more careful approach is wise if you want your tent to last longer.

How Do You Fold a Pop-up Tent?  When you and your friends or family members are ready to explore the great outdoors, pop-up tents are ideal choices for a variety of reasons. These tents are user-friendly and can actually be installed by just one person.

How Do I Carry a Tent and a Sleeping Bag When Hiking?  Rough terrain, harsh weather conditions, wildlife — these are a few of the things you may encounter on a hike which are beyond your control.

How Do I Choose a Good Camping Tent?  Tents have come a long way from the beloved pup tent in which most backyard camping experiences took place. There are so many great tents on the market that it’s difficult to know which one to choose when tent shopping.

The Real World Benefits of having Outdoor Patio Covers   Having a beautifully decorated patio is something about which certain homeowners dream. Being able to entertain guests on that patio? Well, that is the epitome of leisure for some folks.

Three Reasons to Purchase Play Tents for Kids  What kid doesn't love to make a fort in their room while they play with their friends and/or siblings? Most of us can remember doing that as a child, and although times have changed there are still some things that have remained the same.

Tips for Selecting a 2 Person Backpacking Tent  Selecting the right 2 person backpacking tent from Canopy Mart is a complicated decision that will be influenced by when and where you are planning to camp, as well as how you camp. The main things that will affect the weight of the pack include: the actual pack you purchase, the sleeping bag, and your shelter.

Tips for Selecting a 2 Person Backpacking Tent  Selecting the right 2 person backpacking tent from Canopy Mart is a complicated decision that will be influenced by when and where you are planning to camp, as well as how you camp. The main things that will affect the weight of the pack include: the actual pack you purchase, the sleeping bag, and your shelter.

What to Look for when Shopping for Family Camping Tents There is no question that taking your family camping can be a fun event. However, since you will be sleeping outside, you will need to purchase quality family camping tents from Canopy Mart to ensure your experience is positive.

Tips to Purchase the Perfect Play Tents for Kids Purchasing the perfect play tents for your kids from Canopy Mart can be a bit challenging. With all the options we offer, you may not know which tent is best for your needs. The good news is that with the tips here, you can find the perfect tent your kids will love.

Benefits of Using Tents for Parties - If you are planning an outdoor party, there are a number of things you will need to consider. Your budget and the actual location of the party will play a large role in determining how many tents for parties you need to get from Canopy Mart. We have created this event guide to help you determine your needs so you will then be ready to contact us for your party tent needs.

Steel Carports: Keep Your Investment Safe - If your home didn’t come equipped with a garage and you’re not ready to invest the time and money necessary to build one, you may be trying to think of alternatives to protect your vehicle. Between pounding rain, damaging hail and freezing ice – the outdoors can be a harsh place for your car to be. Not only that, cleaning your car off after a snowstorm could be quite the task if it’s been left out in the open. Instead of continuing to struggle with your property’s lack of a garage, why not just invest in a carport? Steel carports are sturdy and reliable, and they don’t require the cost or commitment of a full garage.

Buying Tents for Parties -Are you someone who enjoys hosting events for your friends and family members on a regular basis? Do you have an annual bash that everyone looks forward to coming to each year? If this sounds like you, then you’ve definitely come to the right article. Planning parties, especially outdoor events, can be stressful – but there are some easy ways to take some of the pressure off of yourself. As someone who is constantly entertaining, it may be in your best interest to look into investing in tents for parties.

Portable Storage Sheds Add Practicality to Your Property - Whether your home sits on a small plot of land or you have acres out back, there are plenty of things that homeowners find themselves storing outside. From piles of firewood to lawn and gardening equipment, it’s not always an option to build a permanent structure to house these items. But the weather can certainly take a toll, and not having a safe storage area could mean damage to your personal property. To avoid this common dilemma from happening to you, you may want to look into an item like a portable shed. Portable storage sheds can be easily installed and moved, and you’ll never have to worry about a surprise rain or snowstorm again.

5 Reasons Why People Need Steel Carports - When people think of parking their cars at home, they generally think of garages or driveways - the carport is often overlooked. While a carport doesn’t provide all the same advantages of a garage, it has a pretty good list of benefits, some of which are unique - and they definitely deserve consideration as a way to protect your car while it’s parked.

Shade Canopies Tame the Outdoors - Most people have come to realize in this day and age that the excessive sun exposure is not their friend. Lengthy exposure to ultra-violet rays can cause a variety of problems, from eye damage to skin cancer, and limiting the time-frame in which your skin is unprotected is usually a good idea. Unfortunately, nature has a habit of not putting the shady spots exactly where we want to be.

Benefits of Buying an Carport for your RV - The longer a vehicle sits out in the elements, the sooner it begins to deteriorate. When you have a vehicle that is parked for long periods of time, like an RV, the deterioration can be even worse. An RV Carport can help to keep the rain and snow off a vehicle and help to keep it in good condition for a longer period of time when using a full garage isn’t an option.

Play Tents for Kids are Nearly Perfect Toys - Do you remember having a fort as a kid? Maybe it was a tree house, a cardboard box in the garage, or a blanket draped over a couple of chairs, but the important thing is it was your place. Maybe there were rules, like “no girls allowed, no boys allowed” or the ever-popular “no grown-ups allowed.” Every child needs a place like that, and play tents for kids are a great way to provide it.

Pop Up Canopy Tents are the Picture of Versatility - Sometimes it seems like there’s never a tree around when you need one. Whether you’re looking for shade or a little protection from the rain, you just can’t always count on it being there in every important situation. That’s where a pop up canopy tent comes in.

Extra, Extra! Large Tents for Sale! - OK. You will probably never, ever hear anyone saying, "extra, extra! Large tents for sale," but you can find them for sale if you want them.There are so many uses for tents, and none of them involve a circus, although they could. Camping, entertaining, creating shade and shelter are only some of the ways to use a tent in your everyday life.

The Fun is Unending with Kids Play Tents! -Imagine it. Your kids are outside in their castle. They’re imagining being a king or queen … pretending there’s a moat around them. On the other side of the moat are armies of enemies getting ready to attack. But your kids are ready. They’re armed with sticks and protected by your dog who they’ve dressed up as a stallion. There’s no way they lose this battle! That’s only one of the scenes that can play themselves out with kids play tents. They come in all kinds of shapes and themes, so whatever your kids are into, chances are there’s a play tent for it.

Party Tents to Keep Your Event Going - There's nothing worse than preparing a huge outdoor bash in the sunshine only to be interrupted halfway through by lingering dark clouds above. Sure, the forecast didn't call for much chance of rain - but it rained despite the forecast. What do you do now? You truly have to be prepared for everything when you're an entertainer, and party tents are the perfect way to ensure that your food, drinks and guests don't wind up caught in the rain! On top of that, they're a worthwhile investment that can be useful even when the weather is bright and sunny!

Outdoor Patio Covers Add Versatility to the Patio - The patio is a nearly-perfect invention for summer. It gives you a nice hard surface to put your outdoor furniture and your grill on. It gives you a place to congregate and have fun with friends and family, and more or less safe from the creepy crawlies that you might expect to run into on the ground. In fact, the only thing a patio is missing in order to be the perfect backyard oasis for summer is some sort of roof to keep the harsh sunlight out. That’s where outdoor patio covers come to the rescue.

Gazebo Canopies: Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Yard - When it comes to decorating your outdoor space, it’s important to focus not only on the aesthetics, but on functionality, as well. Choosing practical yard and garden accessories can make for a great entertaining space where your friends and family will love to spend their time. Gazebo canopies make perfect additions to yards both big and small, and they’re available in plenty of different colors and styles to suit your needs.

Tired of Browsing for a Used Carport for Sale? - Many people wrongly assume that in order to provide your car with protection from the elements, you need to break the bank. When prices are high – we tend to turn to the classified ads in search of a used (and cheaper) alternative. Finding a carport for sale in an area like this is possible, but you really never know what you’re truly getting.

Pop-Up Canopy – The Perfect Way to Celebrate Outdoor Events - Are you planning a birthday party, wedding, family outing, picnic, or other outdoor event? Or, are you looking to set up a vending area or display at the local flea market or craft show? If so, purchasing one or more pop-up canopies or party tents will give your guests shade, offer shelter from unexpected rain, and protect delicate items, such as crafts, art, and antiques.

The Top 3 Benefits of Purchasing Gazebo Canopy Tents - Canopy tents can be used in a wide variety of situations, be it outdoor social functions, trips, vending, or for personal use. If you're in need of a gazebo canopy tent for an upcoming event or to add a comforting touch to your backyard, there are numerous choices available to you. Tents are available in a wide variety of color schemes, shapes, and patterns for social gatherings. Additionally, they can be made from more durable materials, such as metal or wood, for permanent outdoor use.

The Many Advantages of Using Party Tents - Are you planning to host an outdoor social event? If so, utilizing canopy party tents will not only allow you to be creative using banners and colors schemes, but will also make your guests feel more comfortable. Canopy party tents can be used for a wide variety of social functions as they provide adequate cover for party guests and patio furniture. Vendors at flea markets or craft and trade show enthusiasts also frequently use canopy tents to display their goods and items.

How to Set Up Your Canopy Tent - The uses for canopy tents are many, and can include camping trips, beach trips, picnics, wedding ceremonies, craft show displays, or vending. Canopy tents come in a wide variety of materials, shapes, designs, and colors. This makes them ideal for just about any outdoor event or social function. They provide shelter from heat, rain, cold, bugs, and other unwelcome outdoor elements. However you plan to use your canopy tent, you'll likely find the process of setting it up to be quick and simplistic.

Canopies for Outdoor Entertaining at Home - Whether you have a large, sprawling backyard or a small and quaint garden area that you enjoy hosting family and friends in - it can really be important to have protection from the sun and elements. While having a permanently installed canopy isn’t always practical or possible, portable and collapsible canopies make a great alternative. Because they are very sturdy and easy to set-up/take down, you’ll be able to quickly and easily set up for your outdoor entertainment event in no time.

Beach Canopies for Family Fun - Heading to the beach with your family can be tons of fun, and it’s a great way to build lasting memories with the ones who mean the most to you. But hitting the hot sand with little ones can be quite a task, and it can be difficult for parents to ensure that they’re entertained and safe throughout the entire day. It’s not uncommon for families to spend an entire day on the beach, and one great way to provide protection and shade on hot days is to invest in a canopy. Beach canopies are easy to set up and transport, and they provide the perfect amount of protection when the sun gets to be too much.

Fun Weekend Activities: 2 Person Backpacking Tent - Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you enjoy spending time with your friends and family on the weekend? If you answered yes to both of these questions, why not plan an activity that will let you combine the two? Planning an overnight camping trip with a friend, loved one or group of people can be a great way to get out of the house and enjoy the world around you. And thanks to innovations in camping equipment, you can now easily carry everything you need to stay dry and comfortable right along with you – no car, truck or ATV required!

Outdoor Canopy: Something for Every Occasion The outdoor canopy is something that we're seeing more of recently - in both commercial and residential settings. These versatile products can certainly have their advantages, ranging from protection against the elements to providing great entertainment areas where friends and family can kick back and relax. No matter what your needs may be, this short article will detail some of the uses of these fantastic outdoor additions and show you why investing in one may be one of the best decisions you've ever made!